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Defining the minimalist life is relatively self-explanatory.

All minimalists share a common goal: intentionally focusing only on the necessities of life. For some, this could mean eliminating things that don’t matter or don’t add any value to their lives. For others, it goes beyond tangible items and may include career, relationships, and personal growth in the equation.

Some people think living the minimalistic life is having a few monochromatic pieces of furniture that blend in perfectly with your capsule wardrobe, but that’s not all!

Sorry to burst your bubble. That isn’t even close to what adopting a minimalistic lifestyle is about. It’s about clearing or storing away the clutter from your life to accommodate a mindset of pursuing purpose and inner peace.

Although this may seem like a millennial fad, there’s more to it. Minimalism can bring about an optimistic approach to life, and for all the right reasons. A clutter-free environment creates opportunities to self-reflect and regularly question yourself about your life choices. It helps you gain insight on how to create balance and pursue purpose.

We could go ahead and merely discuss the benefits of this lifestyle, but we’re going to dig deeper and break down the principles of living the minimalistic life on your terms!

1. Examine your surrounding and reassess your priorities.

The first most crucial step to minimalistic living is to sit back and observe your surroundings. This could be the space you occupy, or the mindset you have inculcated, or the company you keep.

Are you surrounded by heaps of items you just purchased because it appealed to you but has no real functionality, or are you pre-occupied with where to store the additional blankets that aren’t being used regularly?

Do you feel your life is all over the place, and it takes an effort to streamline tasks at hand?

This exercise of observing your surroundings with a more objective lens will help you gain insight to differentiate between your wants and your needs and how to make a change.

2. Clear out clutter and make space.

The definition of this form of lifestyle means to “live with less.” So it goes without saying that the next step is to declutter everything that you haven’t used in a while and won’t probably be using anytime in the future.

Being able to let go and not hoard is quite a fantastic feeling, and that’s what minimalism is all about; making space to breathe.

3. Think twice before making your next purchase.

Another important aspect of this lifestyle is to learn to question yourself consistently. “Do I really need it? Will my life be better if I had this?”

If your answer is no, then obviously, you can let go. Being able to control this impulse-buying helps you be mindful of where you spend and how much you spend.

4. Be grateful for what you have

Minimalistic life is one that forces intentionality upon us. Hence it forces us to make tweaks here and there in almost all aspects of our life. This further helps us dig deeper and become more aware of our surroundings and reflect on our values.

As human beings, we’re never content with what we have, and we’re set on a lifelong journey where all we seek is contentment.

It all begins with gratitude; once we’re grateful for what we have, this innate desire to own more gradually diminishes

5. Detach yourself from material belongings

It’s completely normal to treasure an old hand-me-down t-shirt from your high school days or enjoy a new set of champagne glasses as long as you learn to reflect.

Consistently learning to practice detachment will help you realize that these are all temporary sources of joy, and there’s more to it.

Adopting the minimalistic life helps us be mindful of our choices and enables us to create balance in our lives. There are various ways you can build a routine around self-reflection and finding purpose. However, you could adopt a more rewarding approach by scheduling a self-care day once a month at the comfort of your homes with Lovely L Boutique’s luxurious range of natural and organic skincare products.

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