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Nurturing your inner child is a powerful way to heal from psychological trauma, dysfunctional behavior patterns, or self-harming behaviors. The inner child inside you is a metaphorical representation of the part of your soul that is naive, innocent, and full of wonder.

If you find yourself amidst a never-ending web of problems that only cause distress, then maybe it’s time you need to look out for your inner child. By linking with your inner child, you can encounter and alleviate unhealed wounds and achieve a more profound sense of self-awareness.

There may be factors like attention, love, positivity that you didn’t receive in your younger years; by fostering your inner child, you can meet such needs and practice self-care so you can function in the world happily. Remember, everyone has an inner-child; you may see it as a direct representation of yourself in your childhood, developing age, or an emblem of exuberance, dreams, and playfulness.

Concealing your anguish can never help you; instead, it tends to encounter your life by wrecking your relationships or acting as a barricade in meeting your needs. Your steps towards healing your inner child can help you address and cope with your problems rather than suppressing them. Find out how you can nurture your inner child.

Acceptance and recognition:

It would be best to acknowledge your inner child’s mere existence as it has been suppressing the trauma for ages. Tell them you can hear and see them. Accepting and recognizing that your inner-child is there and it needs your attention is the first step to healing because you have been neglecting it for a long time.

You are most likely to have a more challenging time healing if you feel resistant to the idea of looking into the past. It may feel strange or uncomfortable to open up to your child self but take it as a part of self-care and awareness. You need to identify and accept the pain you experienced as a child because it is the only way to begin your healing process.

Try thinking of a few childhood experiences that hurt or upset you because it may be the reason you carry the emotional baggage until now.


Now that you have acknowledged your inner child’s existence, it is important to listen closely to what it has to say. In this way, you will address the traumas and understand the core reason behind the effects on your present life.

Your inner child is fragile and vulnerable. It’s essential to pay close attention to your inner child’s fears, insecurities, or emotions. For example, you may feel abandoned, rejected, or angry when someone cancels plans with you due to a valid reason. In moments like these, you need to listen to your child self to get some valuable insight; this will help you realize how it made you feel when your parents canceled plans or your birthday party because of their busy schedules. In this way, you can understand your behavior patterns and work on them to make them better. Your present actions may be a by-product of your past traumas.


Remember, it is the little things that matter! It would be helpful to communicate with your inner child. Write letters, journals, or anything to express the love and care you think you needed as a child. Healing requires mending all the aspects of your life that you have been neglecting for so long. A way for you to connect with your childhood is to talk to them and give them the validation you think they need.

For example, if you think you deserve an apology, then write it down say, “I know things have been unfair to you, I understand your feelings and I am sorry for everything.” After you’re done writing, read it out loud and allow yourself to process everything and feel whole again bit by bit.


To know your inner child better, you need to be self-aware. Mindful meditation can uplift self-awareness by helping you focus on the feelings that bother you. By incorporating mindfulness around your emotions, you can notice when certain situations trigger negative impacts and reactions.

Meditation assists you in acknowledging the feelings you experienced in your childhood. In this way, you will accept emotions and find it easier to encounter them in a wholesome manner. Mindfulness validates your inner child’s feelings. If you find it hard to maintain focus during meditation, you can try using certain oils or scents like lavenders, peppermint, rose, etc. They can provide a sense of relaxation and enhance focus.

Take care of yourself!

A craving or yearning for love, attention, praise, or other emotional support in your childhood can leave a pit of darkness behind, and the trauma can impact your adult life. But remember, it’s never too late to heal. By learning ways to nurture your inner child, you can give yourself the validation you always needed.

It is essential to be aware of yourself and your inner child as it is the ultimate way of taking care of yourself. Following the steps mentioned above, you can nurture your child self and see the magnificent impacts on your present life.

It is essential to put light on how you are spending your life right now. Self-care is another crucial component of your well-being. It would be best if you relax and eliminate the negativity from your life; only then you’ll be able to connect with your inner child.

Things like aromatherapy, CBD oils, organic products, natural products, or body oils can boost your sense of relaxation, giving you the time to repose and heal your inner-child as well as your present-self. Don’t forget to make self-care and self-awareness a priority. Lastly, healing your inner child is a step towards better prosperity.

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